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Chettinad region, spreading over the districts of Sivagangai and Pudukottai in Tamil Nadu is becoming increasingly part of the popular tourist destination thanks to the magnificent Raja’s palace in Kanadukathan, and French Art-Deco style palatial homes scattered across the towns and villages of the Region. However, beyond these iconic elements, what makes the charm of the towns and villages of Chettinad is perhaps the beauty of an overall village landscape created by the harmony of architectural elements and urban planning.

Chettinad and South India
chettinad town planning
Chettiand architecture
Chettinad village clusters
Chettinad town planning
Chettinad side street
The layout of the villages on grid pattern is organized with the main streets running from the north to south axis with important arches/doors facing one each other and the with secondary streets lined by high and imposing walls on an East to West axis.

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