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The Saratha Villas is surrounded by countryside alternating between zones of primary semi arid forests, agricultural rice fields and large bodies of water.

The region merits a visitor's attention: whether it is for the thousands of palatial houses or the Chettinad community's classic Dravidian influenced temples and a number of ceremonies perpetuating the grace of different Chettinad communities.
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Download: Proposed program for a six-day stay at Saratha Vilas

Proposed program for a two-night stay at Saratha Vilas:

Recommended visits on the way from/to Trichy or Tanjore:
Eliangudipatti: Ayyanar shrine
Tirumayam: the 7th century Perumal cave temple is a gem with its outstanding high-relief of Vishnu laying on primordial seas

Recommended visits on the way from/to Madurai:
Vettangudi: bird sanctuary (November to February)

DAY 1-Afternoon - Village tour: 2 to 3 hours
Visit of Saratha Vilas, a Chettiar mansion built in 1905’S, where one can see the different components of a Chettiar home, the Natai, the Patalea, the outside and inside Thinnai, the main courtyard, the Valavu, the egg plaster, Belgium mirrors, etc.

From Saratha Vilas exploring the village of Kothamangalam with its Chettiar streets comprised of unique architectural ensembles. Visit of the Ayyanar shrine with its terracotta offerings.
We provide indications and a map of the village, for a free discovery or guided tour.

DAY 2 - Explore Chettinad  Tour
Kanadukathan: Visit of the Raja’s village of Kanadukathan with its large streets lined with palatial houses. Walk around the “Matta oorani” with nice view on the Chettinad Palace and visit the 1870’ VVRM house with its unique carved columns and elements of architecture typical to the region. Opposite the VVRM House one can also visit the majestic CVRm House with its imposing main hall. (entrance fee)
Chettinad cotton saris (Kandangi), demonstration of hand loom weaving. Shopping of checked fabrics, saris and large scarf called dupatta.

Pallathur: Walk through the Chettiar village of Pallathur comprised of great ensembles of palatial architecture over a dense network of narrow streets planned of a grid iron pattern.

Kothadi: Visit of the Arraynar shrine Solai Andavan where one can see alignment of terracotta figures offered by the villagers to the village Deity.

Karaikkudi: Shopping at the antique market in Karaikkudi the economic centre of the region: original 1900’s lacquers from Burma, wooden carved panels, brass vessels coming from the Chettiars dowries, imported item such as Japanese tiles, enamel vessels from Czechoslovakia, etc.

Athangudi: Demonstration at Athangudi Tiles Factory. The glossy decorative cement tiles of Athangudi are typical of the Chettiar houses with various patterns and combination of colors. The craftsmen will show the visitors the different ways of using colors and the different possible tile’s decoration. (entrance fee)
Visit of the Palace, the “Lakshmi House”, a 1920’s building, comprising an imposing hall made of granite columns, marble flooring, decorative painting and wooden carved ceiling enhanced by fine paintings. (entrance fee)

The Saratha Vilas is not responsible for the availability of the houses and craftsmen.

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