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“In 2008, we left France and moved to India. We first based ourselves in Madras, then Pondicherry, finally settling in Chettinad where we followed day by day, between February and December 2010, the restoration and metamorphosis of S.A.S.S. Subramanian Chettiar’s residence into a hotel.  We have learned much from local artisans about traditional construction techniques and in exchange shared our knowledge of more contemporary construction materials and architectural design"

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Chettinad was submitted in June 2007 for endorsement by the World Monuments Fund, a New York based organization supported by the greatest American foundations.  This work took the two architects to the offices of UNESCO in New Delhi in 2006.  Subsequently, ArcHe-S, Adment and Dragon’s association for the protection and valorisation of Chettinad (created in 2004), launched the campaign “Revive Chettinad Heritage” in partnership with UNESCO and supported by the Government of Tamil Nadu.  The campaign has continued ever since with research and awareness building programs running with the financial support of the Regional Council of Centre, France (Région Centre) and the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs.  Today, Chettinad is in the process of being classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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