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Enjoy South Indian veg. Cooking Classes at Saratha Vilas, Kothamangalam

2 programs:
½ day Program with Market visit, cooking class and Veg Lunch
The famous Chettinad Pepper Chicken Class
Cooking Class at Saratha Vilas

½ day Program with Market visit, cooking class and Veg Lunch:
starting at 10 am
•    Visit of one village weekly market (or “Chandi” Market *) to explore the different vegetables available in the region.
•    The spices of the Chettinad cuisine.
•    Initiation to South Indian cuisine:
        o    Preparation of idly and dosai
        o    How to cook them
        o    Coconut chutney or vegetable curry
•    Lunch/degustation of traditional meal serve on banana leave (lunch served by 01.30 pm)
*The Chandi market is available on Monday and Thursday in Karaikudi, Sunday in Kottaiyur, Tuesday in Kadiyapatti, Friday in Pallathur and Saturday in Kothamangalam). Visit along with a local guide.
The famous Chettinad Pepper Chicken Class:
Chettinad is quite famous for its cuisine full of flavors. The fact Chettiar use many type of spices in different ways makes this cuisine outstanding. Chettinad Pepper Chicken is one of the most famous dishes that Saratha Vilas proposes to teach. The preparation of iddyappam is also part of the course.
From 5.00 to 6.00 pm on request.

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