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Ayurveda is a life practice and treatment method that seeks to restore an equilibrium of the different components of the body. As a life practice it promotes moderation of intake of chemical substances and serious followers avoid alcohol and tobacco completely. The treatments are comprised of medicinal plants which can be administered in many different forms.  However the main method used at Saratha Vilas is through oil massage with the appropriate natural ingredients steeped within.

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Since arriving in India, we at Saratha Vilas have experienced firsthand the benefits of ayurvedic massage having had the opportunity of receiving treatments regularly.  We now offer our guests the opportunity to benefit personally from this essential aspect of ancient Indian culture.

At Saratha Vilas you may opt for treatments a la carte or choose a full cure of the period of your choosing.

Massages can be scheduled at your convenience.

ABHYANGA - Full Body Ayurvedic Massage
The oils in which medicinal herbs are infused warmed and applied directly on the skin.
The massage is profoundly relaxing. It balances, eliminates fatigue and toxins and revitalizes the body as a whole. The massage induces tranquility and calm and
increases energy.
Duration: 60 min
Duration: 90 min

SIRO ABHYANGA – Ayurvedic Head, Neck and Shoulder massage.
This massage with Ayurvedic oils induces relaxation, hydrates the hair and scalp and stimulates lymph nodes and blood flow.
Duration: 20-30 min

PADA ABHYANGA – Ayurvedic Leg Massage
This massage utilizes special medicinal oils to revitalize and stimulate blood circulation and lymph nodes. It brings positive effects to the rest of the body by the masseur’s concentration on specific energy points.
Duration: 20-30 min

A 3-day- cure must be reserved one day in advance to allow the preparation of
specific medicinal oils. To follow the cure, guests must arrive at Saratha Vilas by early
afternoon and plan to stay 4 nights.

SIRODHARA – Ayurvedic Forehead Treatment
A stream of medicinal plant infused oil is slowly poured continuously onto the forehead.
The movement of the pendulum from which the oil flows induces a profound sense of
relaxation and peace.
Duration: Sirodhara treatment of 3 days comprised of a full body Abhyanga massage 20 mn, followed by one hour of Sirodhara each day for three days.

60 mn Abhyanga full body massage is combined with a 60 mn-Sirodhara treatment   
Duration: 120 min/session
3-Day cure

The whole body is made to perspire by the application of medicinal boluses frequently warmed in herb infused milk. It makes the body supple, removes stiffness and swellings in the joints.
Duration: 80 min
3-Day cure

60 mn Abhyanga full body massage, is combined with a 60 mn-Navarakizhi treatment   
Duration 120 min
3-Day cure

A cure of 9 days must be reserved one week in advance. Guest must arrive by early afternoon of the first day and plan to stay 10nights.
The day before the cure begins, the guest receives an Abhayanga massage and meets with our Ayurvedic doctor in the presence of the masseur. The masseur will be in charge of providing you with the treatment prescribed starting the next morning and continuing the full nine days. The cure is completely designed according your needs and thus is not a pre-established package, but a combination of personalized massage. The duration (treatments will be 2-3 hours per day) and treatment method varies from one person to another.

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