Varma Illakam
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After 30 years of training with his master, our practitioner has an immense experience in Varma Illakam, an ancient medicine made of the practice of Yoga, Marma and Ayurveda. Very few practitioners yet know this discipline. This art, originally created for athletes practicing traditional martial arts specific to Southern India (Varma Kalai), is based on the stimulation of vital points utilizing specially prepared mixes of medicinal plants, applied vigorously to those points.

varma illakam
Our practitioner is registered under the number at Indian Board for Alternative Medecine:
Gvt Registration N°: RAMP.N°37411

Each session is different and is adapted to the change in the individual’s personal condition and state. The cure’s duration of about 12 days, consists of a daily session of 45 minutes followed by a period of relaxation with the external medicine. The first three days must be dedicated to full rest and relaxation due to the intensity of the treatment.
In the first session one will already feel the benefits of treatment and the freedom from often undiscovered tensions. The full cure will entirely re-balance all the parts of the body and along with visible benefits, will also appear through an increased level of energy.
A preliminary consultation with our practitioner is necessary to enable a proper diagnosis and to prescribe the type and duration of the treatment. Rate depends on medication and duration.
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