Traditional Architecture, ancient Science of the Well Being
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The house was constructed following the rules of Vastu Shastra, the traditional science of the architecture of well being, which determines orientation and functional layout. It is composed of a succession of interior courtyards and of halls laid out on a longitudinal axis opening a perspective along the entire length of the house.

the facade of the Saratha Vilas
the thinnai or entrance verandah
the reception hall of the Saratha Vilas
the main courtyard of the Saratha Vilas
the dining hall of the Saratha Vilas
the coconut garden of the Saratha Vilas

The main verandah at the entrance of the mansion is guarded by columns of dark marble and opens into a grand hall crowned with chiselled woodwork and painted in delicate colors. The central courtyard is surrounded by carved granite pillars in the style of Dravidian temples and is followed by a dining room encircled by an arcade of heavy stone columns under decorated cornices covered by a pressed metal ceiling imported from England.

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logo saratha vilas