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Gastronomy and Cooking Class
in Chettinad South India


The Chettiar women used to grow up in households where good food played an active role. They have been watching their mother running large household and entertaining guests and visitors developing a great sense of hospitality. The cooks who used to work for the Chettiar family were coming from communities of cooks who have developed particular recipes and sense of flavors. This makes today the Chettiar cuisine very unique.


Chettinad Gastronomy @ Saratha Vilas


We propose a continental breakfast, with tea/coffee, wheat bread and President butter and homemade jams, homemade yoghurt, wild honey, Appam with coconut milk (a traditional pancake from south India) fresh fruits and eggs on order.

Chettinad breakfast is available on order the day before, breakfast available from 9AM.


Traditional vegetarian or non-vegetarian lunch is served on banana leaf. It is comprised of a combination of veg and/or non veg dishes accompanied with rices and pickles. A veg menu can be comprised of different dishes such as masala, kozhimasala, kootu, poriyal, rasam, sambar and baji.


Dinner is a fix menu type; we will be happy to know your food preferences in advance.

As a basis it is comprised of a soup as starter, main non veg dish (such as Kozhi kuzhambu-Chicken curry- or Meen kuzhambu -fish curry- served with a variety of vegetable dishes and a rice item. It is ending with a French style sweet.

Please note: as per Tamil Nadu rules, the hotels under 21 rooms are not allowed to serve alcohol


Cooking Classes @ Saratha Vilas

The Idly and Dosai Veg Class

• Visit of one village weekly market (or “Chandi” Market *) to explore the different vegetables and spices available in the region.
• The spices of the Chettinad cuisine.
• Initiation to South Indian cuisine: Preparation of idly and dosai, Coconut chutney & vegetable masala
• Lunch/degustation of traditional meal serve on banana leave (lunch served by 01.30 pm)
*The Chandi market is available on Monday and Thursday in Karaikudi, Sunday in Kanadukathan, Tuesday in Kadiyapatti, Friday in Pallathur and Saturday in Kothamangalam). Visit along with a 1 of our staff.

The famous Chettinad Pepper Chicken Class

Chettinad is quite famous for its cuisine full of flavors. The fact Chettiar use many types of spices in different ways makes this cuisine outstanding. Chettinad Pepper Chicken is one of the most famous dishes that Saratha Vilas proposes to teach. The preparation of iddyappam is also part of the course.

From 5.30 to 6.30 pm on request.

The cooking class is followed by Non-veg dinner.