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Ayurveda, Varma Illakam and Yoga

Ayurveda @ Saratha Vilas

We have experienced firsthand the benefits of ayurvedic massage having had the opportunity of receiving treatments regularly.  They now offer their guests the opportunity to benefit personally from this essential aspect of ancient Indian culture.

You may opt for treatments a la carte or choose a full cure of the period of your choosing.

Massages "a la carte"

Massages can be scheduled at your convenience.


ABHYANGA – Full Body Ayurvedic Massage

The oils in which medicinal herbs are infused warmed and applied directly on the skin.

The massage is profoundly relaxing. It balances, eliminates fatigue and toxins and revitalizes the body as a whole. The massage induces tranquility and calm and

increases energy.

Duration: 60 min

Duration: 90 min


SIRO ABHYANGA – Ayurvedic Head, Neck and Shoulder massage.

This massage with Ayurvedic oils induces relaxation, hydrates the hair and scalp and stimulates lymph nodes and blood flow.

Duration: 30 min


PADA ABHYANGA – Ayurvedic Leg Massage

This massage utilizes special medicinal oils to revitalize and stimulate blood circulation and lymph nodes. It brings positive effects to the rest of the body by the masseur’s concentration on specific energy points.

Duration: 30 min

3-day, 6-day and 9-day Ayurvedic Cure

We offer Ayurvedic anti-stress and relaxation cures. It is about receiving care according to Ayurvedic medicine, mainly different types of massages whose purpose will be to cause deep relaxation. The action of the different types of massage is supplementary, allowing a lasting change in metabolism and state of mind. Ideal if you need a break to leave reinforced in a project or if you plan a significant change.
The daily treatment lasts between 2 and 2 1/2 hours.
We can, if you wish to bring a doctor in Ayurveda for a consultation.
We advise you to reserve an additional day at the end of your treatment so as not to set off again immediately on the road.
Contact us for a quote.


Varma Illakam

Ancient Natural Alternative Medicine

After 30 years of training with his master, our doctor-practitioner has an immense experience in Varma Illakam, an ancient natural and external alternative medicine. This art, originally created for athletes practicing traditional martial arts specific to Southern India (Varma Kalai), is based on the stimulation of vital points utilizing specially prepared mixes of medicinal roots, applied vigorously to those points.

Our doctor/vidhiyar is registered under the number at Indian Board for Alternative Medecine: IBAM/RMP/A-14627; Gvt Registration N°: RAMP.N°37411

Each session is different and is adapted to the change in the individual’s personal condition and state. The cure’s duration of about 10 to 12 days, consists of a daily session of 45 to 60 minutes followed by 1-hour relaxation period with external medicine. The first three days must be dedicated to full rest and relaxation due to the intensity of the treatment.
In the first session one will already feel the benefits of treatment and the freedom from often undiscovered tensions. The full cure will entirely re-balance all the parts of the body and along with visible benefits, will also appear through an increased level of energy. The complete cycle of rejuvenation will take at least 6 months after treatment.
A preliminary consultation with our practitioner is necessary to enable a proper diagnosis and to prescribe the type and duration of the treatment. Rate depends on medication and duration.



We have been organizing Yoga retreats since 2012.
The Saratha Vilas is the ideal place to practice Yoga. With only 10 rooms, it is quite easy to privatize the whole mansion. With its gardens and courtyards, Saratha Vilas can function much like a monastery for the time of a retreat. Of course, there are many activities outside of Yoga for those who love peace, heritage and nature.
Until recently Yoga was practiced in a dedicated room on the first floor, now we use the large hall with an area of 300 m². See Saratha Vilas Main Hall

If you have a project, let us know well in advance. To benefit from attractive rates the best periods are: end of March to beginning of April, July, end of August to end of October and beginning of December. These are times when the climate is pleasant and when we are less busy.